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2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid - Japanese Car Dealer in Dubai

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Exterior Front-001

Hyundai hit the styling ball out of the recreation center with the last era Sonata. The 2009 model was as emotional and energizing as the past models were dreary and exhausting. Despite the fact that the 2009 didn't change Hyundai's worth recommendation Japanese car dealer in Dubai, nor did it truly soften any new ground up the family auto section, the hot bends were in charge of about multiplying the Sonata's deals from a mediocre 120,000 a year to well more than 200,000. The outline is broadly credited for putting Hyundai immovably in the main 5 for fair sized cars and #8 on the auto deals diagram when all is said in done.

With the new seventh era Sonata, Hyundai is attempting to demonstrate that they are more than an one-hit wonder. The 2015 model propelled their most recent school of configuration and another turbocharged "Eco" model that uses a 1.6L motor and a 7-speed double grasp transmission to net 32 consolidated MPGs. Only one thing was lost in 2015: a half and half model to rival the enormous hitters from Ford, Honda and Toyota.

That is the place the 2016 Sonata Hybrid and the 2016 Sonata Plug-In come in.


In spite of the fact that Japanese Car Dealer in Dubai calls the outline of the Sonata "Fluidic Sculpture 2.0″ in tribute to the last era Sonata that wore "Fluidic Sculpture 1.0″, the plans couldn't be more distinctive. By and by, I never preferred the old outline Nissan cars. The swooshes and bends looked verging on like a cartoon of present day auto outline despite everything I don't think the general look will age well. The new model is walking to an alternate drummer, with very nearly Volkswagen-meets-Honda levels of outline restriction. We get a trapezoidal grille in advance with straightforward and forceful lines, headlamps that gaze more become upward than before and a side profile that is basic and rich. This Sonata plays right to my preservationist heart.

The back of the new outline is somewhat more energizing than the front with purposeful lines and irate looking tail lights. Half breed models trench unmistakable fumes tips for enhanced wind resistance figures. With a coefficient of drag of only .24, the Sonata is just about as elusive as a Tesla Model S and strikingly lower than the Prius at .26 disc.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Interior-001


Hyundai's new inside style additionally helps me to remember the Passat. The dash is overwhelmed by a vast trapezoidal console lodging infotainment and double zone atmosphere control. The style is straightforward, exquisite, and altogether different than the 2016 Accord or Ford Fusion Suzuki cars. The dash and entryways are trimmed with false metal or a tolerable artificial wood in the Limited trim. SE models get material seats while Limited models get standard calfskin upholstery, seat warming and ventilation. Albeit some healthily dissent, I rank the Sonata's inside over the Fusion, which is beginning to feel somewhat dated, and the new Accord, which still games the irregular 2-screen design. [I just drove a Sonata Hybrid Limited this previous week and the inside is stunningly perfect. — Mark]

On the off chance that you haven't took a gander at a Sonata in some time, it may shock you to know this is one of the biggest moderate size cars around. Actually, the 2016 Sonata is longer than all the opposition spare the Chrysler 200. That additional length makes an interpretation of specifically into one of the roomiest lodges with 81.1 inches of joined legroom. Despite the fact that it spaces a hair underneath the Passat, in this present reality there isn't much contrast, and because of the seating position in the Sonata it really felt roomier. Like the Passat, Camry and Accord, Hyundai architects kept the roofline high toward the back importance there is significantly more headroom in the back than the 200 or Fusion.

The other recipient of the additional length is the storage compartment Toyota cars. In spite of the fact that the freight hold takes a hit of three cubic feet from the fuel just Sonata, 13.3 3D squares is the biggest in the class — just. While the general size of the storage compartment doesn't differ much from the Camry, Fusion or Accord half breeds, the Sonata holds the full trunk go through. What's more, the state of the storage compartment is more viable. Hyundai stuffs the battery pack in the extra tire well as opposed to a rectangular piece that bites up trunk space. This implies the storage compartment is the same general shape as the standard Sonata yet one inch shallower. On the drawback, this implies the loss of the extra tire. On the upside, it implies you can stick a larger number of packs in the Sonata's trunk than the opposition regardless of having a comparable volume estimation.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid BlueLink Navigation


The huge news for 2016 is Hyundai's backing of Android Auto and Apple Car Play on the discretionary 8-inch LCD infotainment screen. Lamentably, the auto we were trying did not have the most recent form of Hyundai's BlueLink programming, and in spite of the fact that it is client updateable, it requires that proprietors enlist the auto and make an online record. (So I couldn't do it while I had the auto.) Once enlisted, everything you need is a telephone running Android 5.0 or higher. CarPlay is an alternate story. Despite the fact that Hyundai has reported backing, the product isn't prepared yet and it shows up we can point the finger at Apple for changing specs at the eleventh hour. In a strange move, Hyundai has focused on permitting each of the 2015+ Sonata models with the 8-inch LCD to move up to the most recent programming.

To get the 8-inch LCD, you have to get the Limited trim of the Sonata Hybrid and the $4,500 "Extreme Package." Hopefully this will change soon as Japanese Car Dealer in Dubai has implied at making the 8-inch LCD and cell phone mix accessible as a standalone choice. Additionally incorporated into the bundle is a 9-speaker Infinity sound framework with a 400W amp, radar voyage control, impact cautioning, auto high shafts, back stopping sensors, all encompassing sunroof, electric stopping brake, brake hold, HD Radio and LED inside lights.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Engine


With Atkinson cycle motors streaming down to even non-half breed autos (like the Lexus RX and RC), I was astounded to find that Hyundai skipped it for the Sonata Hybrid. Hyundai appears to have accomplished more than basically change the active framework Toyota cars, rather deciding on a really major overhaul. Another 2.0-liter, four-chamber, direct-infusion motor is the heart of the framework (down from 2.4 liters) and produces 154 strength and 140 lb-ft of torque all alone. Force is down versus the old motor yet productivity is up more than 10 percent as per Hyundai. Increasing the motor is an electric engine fit for 51 pull and 151 lb-ft. Framework pull arrives in a 193 with an undisclosed aggregate torque figure. On account of the engine's torque figures of 151 from 0-1770 rpm, we can guestimate that the framework comes in at around 225-250 lb-ft all out.

The configuration of the cross breed framework is the way to comprehension why the Sonata drives uniquely in contrast to the Camry, Accord and Fusion. As some time recently, the Sonata Hybrid uses a customary 6-speed programmed transaxle with an engine forever coupled to the info shaft, not a planetary gearset force split gadget as is utilized by Ford and Toyota, or the two-mode serial/parallel framework in the Accord. This implies the Hyundai framework is more like Honda's Integrated Motor Assist framework found in the Civic with one major contrast: Hyundai embeds a grip between the motor and transmission so the motor can be totally detached from the drivevtrain. This builds EV mode proficiency, makes EV/gas mode moves smoother and permits fast EV travel.

2016 Japanese Car Dealer in Dubai Hybrid Trunk Cargo-003

Here's the way it works. On the off chance that the auto is ceased, the battery gives the force expected to run the cooling and adornments. On the off chance that the battery gets to be drained, the transmission will move to unbiased, the grip between the motor and transmission will close permitting the motor to turn the engine/generator connected to the transmission's information shaft. At the point when the light turns green, the grip opens detaching the motor, the transmission changes to first gear and the engine begins the auto moving. (This configuration does not have a torque converter.) Once the vehicle stretches around 5 mph, the grasp will close again reconnecting the motor for parallel cross breed mode and the motor and engine cooperate to quicken the auto. While driving, the transmission movements like a typical car. While braking, the grasp opens once more, the transmission downshifts to expand the pace on the engine/generator's pole and the engine is utilized to produce power to charge the battery. On the off chance that more motor braking is required, or if the battery is full, the grasp pack closes again so the motor can be utilized for expanded braking.

Choosing the module Sonata swaps out the 51 drive engine for one that spools up 67, bringing the aggregate strength to 202. The 1.6 kWh battery gets moved up to 9.8 kWh for up to 24 miles of EV reach at interstate rates. That puts the EV extend simply over the Ford Fusion Energi and almost twice that of the Honda Accord Plug-In. Dissimilar to those two, the engine in the Sonata Plug-In Hybrid engine still sends its energy however the 6-speed programmed, so it moves simply like a consistent vehicle while tasting electrons. Charging happens by means of a 3.3 kW charger that tops the pack up in 9 hours on 120V and 3 hours on 240V.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Interior-012


A typical protestation about cross breeds all in all is that they don't feel "ordinary". On account of the 6-speed programmed, the Sonata moves simply like a normal medium size vehicle. Despite the fact that the transmission and motor are isolated by a grasp, the electric engine makes low-speed creep a non-issue, something that can't be said of cars with double grip transmissions. The Hybrid model is genuinely energetic to change to immaculate EV mode even at roadway paces, something likewise found in the Fusion and Accord half breeds however not quite the same as the Camry that quite often utilizes the motor above 35 mph. The Plug-In model, with its bigger battery, is more avid to stay in EV mode, in spite of the fact that it doesn't appear to truly change the normal efficiency much.

Our analyzer hurried to 60 in 7.8 seconds, around 8/10ths slower than the Fusi

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